About Me

I always knew we would be parents, I just wasn't sure exactly how that would happen as it took us quite a long time for our miracles to come to us. We went through much heartache but instead of weakening our marriage, it actually strengthened it and brought us closer together.  We put our trust in God.  We knew God would help us to become parents whether it was through having a child grow inside me or through adoption.

Fast forward fourteen years later, I am now the mom of two wonderful boys.  An adventurous thoughtful 8 year old and a curious thriving 4 year old;  My husband is very loving, supportive and fun. We enjoy learning through various activities such as crafts, activity books, games, nature and hiking. On the weekends it's all about family and doing things together.

I am very fortunate to be a stay at home mom.  I choose to homeschool Dylan during most of his preschool years but now that he is in second grade is doing extremely well in our local school.   He is an energetic learner.  Tyler is now doing much learning with me at home and preparing for a 2 day  preschool in the fall when he will be four years old.

Join us as I document the fun activities we do together whether it be cooking, day trips, games, crafts, homeschooling and other fun mini adventures.  Please comment and/or let me know if you try any of the activities listed here.  I am also on Twitter at #NewEnglandMomma and Pinterest.   Thank you for taking the time to read about our adventures together!

Every child is a miracle and God gave us two wonderful gifts that we cherish every day.

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