Transferring To

Let me tell you what I've been working on the past couple of weeks.   I am in the process of switching  this blog to!   My new site
is  New England Momma is the handle name I use on PinterestTwitter and soon Facebook.  I thought it appropriate to carry it over to my blog page.
Please do not judge it this very moment as it is in the process of a very big facelift!

Switching from Blogger to will allow me more customization for my website.  I knew going into this, it would be a big process and unfortunately I am right!

Here are the steps I have gone through so far with more to come:

  1. I signed up for Blogelina's 4 weeks to designing a website which also included a WHOLE YEAR of FREE Hosting with  The class has been very informative and the chance to ask her questions. I highly recommend it!  I will share more info on the class soon.  But in the meantime, check that link for more info. 

  2. After choosing my domain name and setting it up with GoDaddy's control panel, I went through the process of transferring content and pictures from Blogger to Wordpress.

  3. The next part is to choose a theme.  I read that the paid themes give you more flexibility and options for customization as well as support/help with your theme.  I browsed all over the internet for over a week and finally decided on Studiopress Genesis Lifestyle Pro theme.  I found a great website called What WP Theme Is That which does exactly what you think it would do.  If you find a website you like, copy and paste the url into the search on this page and it will tell you what theme it is.  More times than not, the Lifestyle theme is what came up for me so I decided to run with it.

  4. As of last night, I have my new Wordpress theme installed and now I'm ready for the customizing part.  I am in the process of creating a new banner and setting up my new website properly.  
Please stay tuned for my next update on transferring to my new blog home!