100th Day of School

There are things that you may not realize are being celebrated around you until your child is in school.  Next week at my son's school will be the 100th day of school.  This is a big deal and not just for my boy but every grade since Kindergarten.

Why is it the 100th day and not the 50th or 150th?  I went to Bing.com and searched "who started the 100th day of school celebration?"  (This was never a thing when I was a kid!) Although I couldn't verify who was the i who began this fun celebration, I can tell you some of the theories on it.

According to About Parenting the 100th day of school is well celebrated since teachers use it as a means to group "tens" equaling up to 100.  A mathematical celebration if you will.  Putting together a 100 piece puzzle.  Counting the number of days up to 100.  Counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. Remember when the number 100 was a big number?  The 100 day celebration seems to be enjoyed mostly by the lower grades such as K through 2nd.

If you head to Pinterest and search 100 days of school, you will be inundated with printables, decorations and poster size ideas on classifying and sorting 100 items on a poster board which is one of the activities most of the schools that celebrate this day have the kids put together.  My son came up with the ideas of putting 100 feathers on a hand drawn peacock.  We picked up the supplies and he had a great time putting this together with very little help.   When he was finished using white school glue with the feathers, I went over the feathers with a hot glue gun to ensure he wouldn't lose any of them.

Here he is with his finished project.  I have to say that it came out fantastic!

Here are 25 other ideas for the 100th day poster:

  • 100 stars on a black poster board (night)
  • 100 sprinkles on a hand drawn cupcake
  • 100 skittles sorted by color to make a rainbow
  • 100 pennies in the form of the number '100'
  • 100 google eyes on a hand drawn monster 
  • 100 goldfish in a hand drawn pond or fish bowl
  • 100 fruit loops in the shape of a rainbow
  • 100 pom poms to look like gum in a gum ball machine
  • 100 circles cut out to look like pepperoni on a pizza
  • 100 Cheerios in the shape of a smiley face
  • 100 buttons on a hand drawn butterfly
  • 100 cut out hearts on a big heart poster board
  • 100 deflated balloons glued to a a hot air balloon on a poster board
  • 100 pictures of your child on a poster board
  • 100 crayons glued on a poster board
  • 100 piece puzzle glued to a poster board
  • 100 mini marshmallows glued to a poster board in the form of a snowman
  • 100 stickers on a poster board (perhaps a specific theme)
  • 100 pieces of green tissue paper glued to a hand drawn tree on a poster board
  • 100 jewels (the artsy pretend kind of course!) glued onto a hand made crown
  • 100 cotton balls glued to a piece of paper to make a snow scene
  • 100 colorful pom poms for clown hair
  • 100 Smartie candies glued to a hand drawn flower on a poster board
  • 100 candles on a hand drawn birthday cake
  • 100 candy conversation hearts glued to a big heart on a poster board 

Each school's 100th day may be different depending on when school started and how many snow days they have had but most 100th day of school is in February around Valentine's day.  When it comes down to it, I don't think we really need to know why we celebrate it but that we do and the kids love it.

Another way to get youngsters excited about learning?  Personally, I'm all for it!