Snowflake Resistant Painting Mobile

No longer Christmas and not yet Valentine's day; The house is looking quite bare with the holiday decorations now put back into their basement boxes.  The kids have been asking me what they can do to decorate the house.  I headed to Pinterest and Facebook to find some ideas.  

A friend had posted on Facebook a link to Snowflake Resistant Painting which I immediately pinned on to my Pinterest boards to try it out someday.  Well, today was the day.
  I got this idea from Asia over at Fun At Home With Kids.  I followed her instructions but also modified it just a bit to fit what we were looking to do.  

Asia had made a wonderful snowflake template which I downloaded from her blog.  Then using a glue gun, I traced the snowflake with the hot glue.  

Once the glue was cooled, I let my little guy let loose.  I didn't have liquid watercolors like Asia suggested but I will definitely be looking into getting some soon!  In the meantime, I just got out the regular washable finger paints that I had on hand.  We used three different shades of blue and white.  Which eventually were all mixed together by my 3 year old.  

I added some glitter right to the paint as well as on his snowflake picture while he was painting, which created an interesting texture. 

Looking good, Tyler was having lots of fun painting the snowflakes.  

When he was done, it didn't much look like the beautiful snow flake art we saw on the other site because we didn't use salt, none-the-less, we set it out to dry to see what the end result would be. 

What we got an hour or so later was our own creation!  I cut the snow flakes out which brought more attention to the actual snowflakes instead of the piece of paper all colored blue.  They sort of remind me of sand dollars from the beach!

I then got out my hole puncher and some pipe cleaners.  Tyler and I strung them together. 

What we end up with is our very own snowflake mobile which we hung in our window.  I love it!