"I Love Today!"

"I love today!" It's not something I remember saying very often and probably not ever after a trip to the local mall.  But it's what my three year old son was yelling very happily as we were walking the mall.  What could make it such a fantastic day?

We went to the craft/yarn store which he was very good at sitting in the cart waiting for me to decide on what yarn to get to make him a hat and find some sturdy white art paper.  After we were finished, I gave him his freedom to walk/run down the middle of the mall with me race walking after him
 to the mall play area where we met up with some friends.  After a little play time, we split a pretzel at Auntie Anne's and then proceed to walk back down the mall to get back to the car.  Along the way back, they have a spiral not sure of the name of it 'thing' that kids can put a coin in and watch it roll around and around and around until it falls through the hole.  I gave Ty three coins which he excitedly rolled down into the ya know thing.  I told him " Okay, time to go!"  Which he then began the very happy and loud chant of "I love today!  I love today!" while running the mall with a very big smile.

Amazing what our kids can teach us even the really young ones.  What a great day it truly was because we were together.   It's definitely the little things in life that count.