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Transferring To

Let me tell you what I've been working on the past couple of weeks.   I am in the process of switching  this blog to!   My new site

Rejoining Weight Watchers

When I walked in this morning, I knew I was in the right spot.

There comes a time when you have to say 'Enough!'   

                      ... when you have to walk away  (from the chocolate)

                      ... when you have to stop  (and put down the bag of chips)

                      ... when you have to let go  (of the 3rd slice of pizza)

                      ... when you have to realize (having 2 chins is not a sign of perimenopause) 

                      ... when you have to put the bowl of ice cream down and say enough is enough.

That time for me is now.  Well, okay, I had to have one last bowl of double chocolate peanut butter ice cream last night,  but really, I need to be

5 Ways To Get 5 Minutes

It is school vacation week here in Massachusetts.  We have nearly 5 feet of snow with even bigger snow drifts and frigid arctic air so we are mostly inside.  It can be difficult to find things to keep the kids busy all day.

Are your children like mine in that they are whining that they are bored and school vacation has just begun?

Are they tormenting the pets or each other in your home. 

Constantly nagging you that they have nothing to do despite the roomful of toys upstairs?   

Do you wish for JUST-FIVE-MINUTES of quiet without having to keep resorting to electronics to keep them occupied?

Me too!  

Here are some activities we've done in the past that I thought I would re-share as some of them we did them with my older son and now we can do them again but now with two boys!  These fun indoor ideas

100th Day of School

There are things that you may not realize are being celebrated around you until your child is in school.  Next week at my son's school will be the 100th day of school.  This is a big deal and not just for my boy but every grade since Kindergarten.

Why is it the 100th day and not the 50th or 150th?  I went to and searched "who started the 100th day of school celebration?"  (This was never a thing when I was a kid!) Although I couldn't verify who was the i who began this fun celebration, I can tell you some of the theories on it.

Free Coloring Pages

It's been snowing and snowing and snowing here in Massachusetts and we have been in need of activities to do.  Both my boys have been filling up my refrigerator with character pictures I printed out and they colored them in.  I thought I would share with you some

Snowflake Resistant Painting Mobile

No longer Christmas and not yet Valentine's day; The house is looking quite bare with the holiday decorations now put back into their basement boxes.  The kids have been asking me what they can do to decorate the house.  I headed to Pinterest and Facebook to find some ideas.  

A friend had posted on Facebook a link to Snowflake Resistant Painting which I immediately pinned on to my Pinterest boards to try it out someday.  Well, today was the day.

"I Love Today!"

"I love today!" It's not something I remember saying very often and probably not ever after a trip to the local mall.  But it's what my three year old son was yelling very happily as we were walking the mall.  What could make it such a fantastic day?

We went to the craft/yarn store which he was very good at sitting in the cart waiting for me to decide on what yarn to get to make him a hat and find some sturdy white art paper.  After we were finished, I gave him his freedom to walk/run down the middle of the mall with me race walking after him