Dining Out Less Challenge- Half Ways There!

When I started this challenge, I knew it would be difficult and I was right!  We have made it half ways through and so far so good although I will 'fess up and tell you that we have eaten at Wendy's for a quick lunch before my son's dek hockey game one day and yesterday my husband gave me five hours kid free to Christmas shop and I stopped at Subway's for a quick wrap.  But no expensive dinners and it has been hard to do!  So many times I haven't wanted to cook and
thought a pizza would be so easy to call in but we haven't given in to that temptation - yet!

Thankfully, we recently had Thanksgiving dinner at our home and thus had about three nights of leftovers!  We have also had breakfast items like bacon and eggs or waffles with maple syrup at lunch or dinner when we didn't have a planned meal.   We have eaten many nights of pasta.  One night we had spaghetti with a jarred Bolognese sauce which I was excited to try as it was from Trader Joe's but I was not impressed.  My eight year old who is an aspiring chef, hockey, lego engineer also wasn't happy with the jarred sauce and I told him I would make my favorite Bolognese sauce the next night.  And that's what we did!  Skinnymom.com has the best recipe which can be found here.   In her recipe, she adds half & half at the end.  The first time I made the Bolognese sauce, I forgot to add the half & half and only remembered once we were in the middle of eating dinner!  The next time, I did add it in but we actually preferred it without!  The next night, I made Chicken Parmesan with leftover spaghetti.  Other dinners we had were steak tips with roasted butternut squash, grilled cheese sandwiches, grilled chicken breast with roasted carrots.

Two more weeks to go!  I need to hit the food store in the next couple of days so off to Pinterest I go to find some meal planning ideas!