Christmas Giving Experience

Hubby and I decided earlier in the day, we would stop for pizza on the way home from taking our kids to see the musical Annie at our local college theatre as we knew we were low on meals at home and we have been doing well on our dining out challenge.  He called the pizza in on the way home and so it would only be a couple of minutes of the kids and I sitting in the car while he ran in.  Not even a minute after he ran in, a woman approached my car motioning for me to roll down my window.  I was cautious but

Elves on the Shelves

It's that time of year again!  The weekend after Thanksgiving, marks the end of fall decor and the beginning of festive holiday lights, greenery with red bows, Christmas songs constantly playing through my head and of course with all this merriment comes two special little elves; Feedo and Play-doh.  My eight year old is super excited as he has been participating in the arrival of his special elf friend for the past four years.  He knows the routine quite well and is eager to share all he knows with his three year old brother.

Three nights ago, they arrived both sitting upon our mantel along with elf pajamas for each boy.  Yesterday morning

Dining Out Less Challenge- Half Ways There!

When I started this challenge, I knew it would be difficult and I was right!  We have made it half ways through and so far so good although I will 'fess up and tell you that we have eaten at Wendy's for a quick lunch before my son's dek hockey game one day and yesterday my husband gave me five hours kid free to Christmas shop and I stopped at Subway's for a quick wrap.  But no expensive dinners and it has been hard to do!  So many times I haven't wanted to cook and