Dining Out Less Challenge

Ever notice how money becomes harder to come by during the holiday season?  It certainly does for us and there is still so much to manage as far as gifts for the kids, holiday meals, special holiday events and community service.  Of course, now that we are paying a very hefty fee for propane and oil each month, otherwise known as the "monthly budget plan" which isn't very budget friendly at all as it's the size of a car payment.  Not to mention my older son and husband are great skiers and they get ski passes winter. 

Time to start trimming the fat, cutting corners, something has to give right? But what...?   I looked at our monthly bills and was able to cut down my phone plan by $20.00 a month.  Okay, so what else?  Looking through what we spend money on, the big thing that jumps out at me is eating out.  $18.00 for eating at Panera for lunch;  $60 for dinner and drinks for 4 including tip at Chili's.   $22.00 for pizza and chicken wings;  And this is in the course of a week's time!  So I tell my husband, we need to quit eating out!  I challenge us to stop eating out for the thirty days.  No eating a meal out of the house until Dec 14th.  He replies that I need to plan out our dinners out better to do that.  I know, I know!  It's a huge personal challenge for me.  Taking the time to plan out each meal and then find the energy to cook and eat what I planned.  Sounds easy, but some nights I'm just not in the mood to cook, you know?

The exceptions to our challenge are the occasional Dunkin Donuts coffee and hubby can eat out if his work is picking up the tab. 

I will be posting weekly to let you know how we did and what we ate.  As I type this, it has been six days and I'm beginning to cave as we get closer to the weekend and we are eating through our planned out snacks/meals.  We can do this! 

Who wants to take this challenge with me?