A Different Kind Of Building Toy

Wooden planks, all the same size, hundreds of them in one box.  The first instinct is to start stacking them up.  On closer inspection, you will realize that you can do more than just stack them up.  Turn them sideways to make higher towers and ramps.  Create parallel tracks to zoom a little plastic ball down, put walls around your tracks and how about a couple of planks across the top of the walls to create a roof?

These are KEVA Planks by MindWare.

I have tried them a few times at different hands-on children's museums we have visited and have always thought what a great idea!  Easy to create, fosters imaginary play, teaches patience.   The feeling of accomplishment for you and your youngster when he/she shouts "Look what I made!"  

I bought the 200 plank Contraptions set for my eight year old's birthday.  There are many different KEVA sets.  It is the two plastic balls included in Contraptions which sets it apart from other MindWare plank sets.  He was super excited looking through the full colored book showing photographs of the different tracks he could create.  His three year old younger brother also very interested.  The three of us just awoken from sleep, sat on the floor excited with the anticipation of playing with something novel and interesting. 

Following along the instructions booklet, we began our exploring, planning and building.  My eight year old copied what I created and my three year old helped by laying down more tracks.  

We easily passed an hour happily experimenting with many different structures and ramps.

Since that one morning over two weeks ago, my older son has created much bigger and better ramps for himself and his brother to roll a ball downward.   And since that morning, I have been researching other MindWare KEVA sets to decide which we will be adding to our collection on Christmas morning.