So Much For Mind, Body, Soul Time

I read many different parenting books.  They all pretty much have the same idea about kid's behavior and I find that when I am actually reading the book, I am able to implement some of the strategies; however most of the parenting books I've read insist you read the whole book and then go back and try what they say. (Like I have time for that!  I need an answer and/or help right now!)   Recently, I came across a book by Amy McCready called "If I Have To Tell You One More Time... The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids To Listen Without Nagging, Reminding, or Yelling".   I downloaded the sample to my Kindle and began reading with interest.   One of the things, McCready suggests is to start implementing her tools right away.  (Great!)   One every couple of days.  (Even better!)  I purchased the book to start reading. 

After reading the first "tool" in the book "If I have to say it again…"  I decided to try the Mind, Body, Soul time with Dylan while Tyler napped.  I sat on the couch next to Dylan and explained that now that Tyler was sleeping, he and I could have some time to do whatever he wanted just him and I.  He originally asked me with not much enthusiam to play Xbox.  I said 'Yes but is this what you really want to do with just Mommy & Dylan time?"  He thought about it and replied "No I really want to play Legos with you!"  (Great!)  

We sat on his floor and began digging through his container of legos.  He declared he was going to make a pull back motor car and that we need a garage for it.  I told him I would make the garage.  It was peaceful and fun for about five minutes.  (sigh)  He finished his car and then started telling me how I should make the garage since apparently I wasn't making it like he would make it.  Well, I successfully entered the "child phase" as the book called it because I became upset that he wanted to change what I was working on when I wasn't even done with it yet. I gave in and let him do what he wanted.  He ripped down half a wall and added a window explaining to me the whole time on what I was doing wrong.  Apparently, a week at Lego camp and now he is an expert.   I replied that I thought he should allow me to make it my way since that is what we originally agreed and he could make suggestions but that ultimately it would be decision.  He replied, "Fine!" and threw the lego that was in his hand back into the box with much force.  

Okay then.  

Needless to say, lego time together ended after about 10 minutes of quiet play and 10 minutes of disagreement.  

This was actually a staged mean look for fun but its pretty much how he looks in a tantrum.

I headed back to the book and found out it says to only do ten minutes at a time and to set a timer.  I will definitely do that because if we did end it at the ten minute mark, he probably wouldn't be having the tantrum he is having right now!  Perhaps, I should have read the entire book first.  I can't win!