Outside Chalk Fun!

We moved about five months ago and now that it has been warm and sunny out, we are getting out a lot more around our new yard.  We have a fantastic smooth asphalt driveway that has been perfect for the kids to draw and play on with chalk.  Here are some of the things we've been doing as well as more ideas that we will trying out soon!

Shapes:  Draw a bunch of different shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle, crescent, heart and ask your child if they can jump in whichever shape you are requesting them to jump into.

  Other variations:  

  • Can he/she name the shapes as they jump into them?  
  • Can he/she count the number of sides of each shape?
  • Make a 'ladder' for them to run or jump up and then jump down.
  • Can he/she jump into the shape on one foot? 

Letters:  Draw the letters of the alphabet from A to Z either in a grid or create blocks or 'stepping stones' with a letter in each one.   Can your child go through the entire alphabet jumping on each letter?

  Other variations:  

  • How about going through the alphabet backwards? 
  • Can he/she jump on the letters in their name?  
  • How about creating numbers instead of letters and having them jump from 1 to 20?


Roads:  Draw roads for your kids to race their cars down.  Use cars that rev up and go if you don't have a sloped driveway or area to use.  My boys loved doing this.  They used many different cars and had a great time creating their own roads and exploring which car went the best in their opinion down the driveway.