Happy First Day of Spring!

I love the season of Spring!  Budding flowers and trees, green grass, birds singing, more sunlight.  Perhaps something like this beautiful Wren gathering nesting material which means warm weather is soon on it's way.

*Photo taken from Birds & Bloom magazine

Truth be told, I look out my window and I see ice melting from the trees and banks of snow no longer white but black and brown with sand and mud thrown upon it when a car races down the street.  Here in Massachusetts,  March and April are more likely to be called mud season than the glorious warm thoughts I have about what a spring season should be like.  But it will come in time, ever so slowly, the bulbs underneath the frozen soil are starting to thaw out.  Miniature tree buds will slowly breathe life again.  The ice and snow will melt.  I won't have to worry about sliding down my sloped driveway when I try to get in my car in the mornings.  Today will feel like spring with the temperature reaching high 50s, only to be doused with a cold shower of reality as another snow storm moves in next week.   That is how we ride the weather roller coaster in New England.   Roll down your window and enjoy as next week we will be shoveling the 'white stuff' again!



I need to share this great idea with you all!  Have you heard about GrooveBook?  I heard about it while watching ABC's TV Series 'Shark Tank'.

If you have a smart phone, chances are, you have many pictures stored on your phone.  Perhaps, like me you transfer them to your home computer for that day that you will finally sit down and put together some family albums or at least that is what you hope to do someday! I'm still working on a baby book for my 7 year old, you know with all that 'free time' I had thought I would have.

So check this out! There is now a way to not only print out your photos but to group them together in an album and be able to easily take them out if you do want to display the photos.    Get your smart phone and download the Groovebook app for either your iPhone or Android.  Upload between 40 to 100 photos directly from your smart phone.  Enter in your credit information and in 10 to 14 days, you will have a book with your 100 4x6"photos bound together in a little book.  And they easily tear out as the pages are all perforated!

Want to print out a 100 4x6 photos at your local drug store such as CVS?  We are talking $0.19 a picture which comes out to about $19.00.  And then after you have the 100 photos, how do you store them?  Throw them in a shoebox?

With GrooveBook it costs $2.99 a month which includes shipping and handling and as mentioned above they are all bound together.  I printed out a book with 100 of my favorite pictures from the summer of 2013.

Want to try a book for FREE?  Enter in promo code:  GAUDREAU25    You will still need to enter in your credit info but should not be charged for the first book.   Check it out and let me know how much you love it!


Being an Awesome Mom

The Top 10 Countdown to Being an Awesome Mom*

10.  Remember, he’s a boy, not a girl.

 9.  I know he’s adorable, but he needs to be held accountable.

 8.  Don’t always pay attention to how he looks; pay more attention to his heart.

 7.  How you handle his failures is more important than how you handle his victories.

 6.  No two children in a family should be treated the same, because they’re not the same-including your boy. 

 5.  Remember that your boy will only stay weird for about 15 years.

 4. He’s the wavy line-all over the place.  You need to be the consistent one.

 3.  Start with the end in mind.  Who do you want your son to be?

 2.  You don’t get to relive moments.  Make every day count!

 1.  Many have tried, and no one’s succeeded—you can’t do it all.  But what you do will make a lasting difference in the life of your son.  

*Taken from Dr.  Kevin Leman