Happy First Day of Christmas!

Happy First Day of Christmas is what my oldest son said this morning when he got up.   Apparently the month of December is nothing but Christmas in his eyes.  Feels right to me too.  And I think its great that he is super excited for Santa in 25 days, however, it's important for him to know about God and the birth of Jesus.   So this morning, I got everything together to make our Jesse Tree.  We have done this in previous years but each year brings new questions and a new understanding.  We all enjoy reading the bible verses together and learning more about Jesus.

If you search Google or Pinterest for "Jesse Tree" you will get a ton of ideas on how to make your own Jesse Tree;  whether it be using a branch, a small artificial tree, a plant or another method, pick the one that works for your family.   For our tree, I painted a picture of a Christmas tree on a piece of poster board.  Dylan thought it would look better with some red gift bows so he added those.

Then, we found Jesse Tree Ornaments here to print out along with a list of the bible verses to be read.   Tonight, for day one, we read about the Jesse Tree and Dylan glued the ornament he colored to our tree.

It's a small activity that I feel opens up our heart more for God.