Being Brothers

When we are out and about at stores and such, I find that I am 'that mom' that is constantly telling my kids how to behave.  It goes something like this;  "No! Don't touch that"  "Dylan get off the floor"   "Tyler stay with mommy"  "Dylan don't grab that"  "Tyler don't grab that"  "Please put that back"  "Can you please listen to me?"  "Tyler the floor is dirty, please get up"  "No, don't put that in your mouth"   And it goes on and on and on.....   I find other parents giving me either the sympathetic  smile or laughing at my comments.  I have had a few nasty looks from older adults as if I can't control my children.   I tell myself, I need to bring them with me well I do that is what I stay at home mom does and they need to learn how to behave in public.   How will they learn, if we don't go out and do it?  

And then there are times when my kids are actually behaving properly or at the very least not as distracting to me and others.   Perhaps those days when I am better at blocking the misbehavior from my mind and the looks from others as there is only so much I can say or do.   I have witnessed my older son, Dylan holding Tyler's hand while he leads him back to me.  I have seen them sharing a bag of chips.  I have heard them both say to the other "Hey Dylan (or hey Tyler)  watch this!"   I have heard them giggling as the conspired under the clothes rack as if they are in a secret fort. There are times when we go out that they are perfect angles, listening to what I say and abiding their time when they can act crazy again knowing that mommy has had enough and by being good there will be good things to come. 

In the back of my mind, I am happy.  Happy that my kids are enjoying life and each other.  It is me that has to learn to let things roll easier.  Perhaps it is me that should stop criticizing everything they do and let them be.  For it is those moments, that we are all much happier. It is my hope and dream that my boys can love each other as children as well as adults.  It starts with giggling under clothes rack where mom can't see you.   Its times like these that I know they are learning what it means to be brothers.  

Me & my little boys