Pipe Cleaners and a Colander!

Have you seen this interesting idea on Pinterest?   Get out a few pipe cleaners and a colander and you've got a fun activity for your little one!  Now, if you are my age, you may not be thinking this is fun but I will tell you it was a hit not only with my two year old, but with my seven year old as well!   They both had to give it a try and I was able to focus my attention on cooking dinner.  Ohhh and no mess!  Give it a try!



Frankenstein Monster Cake

Happy Birthday Dylan!   This year he asked for a Frankenstein monster cake.  "Of course I can make a Frankenstein cake!"  I told him.  I really didn't know how to procede so I went to Pinterest!   There were many different ideas but nothing that stood out until I searched on the words "monster cake".   I found a great monster cake that not only resembled Frankenstein to us but looked like it would be a lot of fun to make.   Here is the original idea on the cake and this is how we made ours.  There aren't really any directions, so we had to come up with how to do things by both looking at the original cake and getting creative!

I baked up a 13 x 9 cake twice as the first layer looked small but then after we added the 2nd layer, it looked a little tall.  I used white frosting dyed green for the entire cake.  Marshmallows with red food gel created the eyes along with some edible eyes we found at Michael's craft store.  We used black frosting that sprayed out for the hair and black food gel for the scars.  We were stuck on how to make a lip under the mini-marshmallows but my brilliant son came up with the idea of using a fruit roll up!
The monster's nose and eyebrows are also marshmallows and then we added color to it.  Finally, we added some M&M moles.

I love the time spent with Dylan creating his cake and all the kids enjoyed eating it and yelling out what part of the monster they wanted to eat.