Stop Growing!

I keep telling my oldest boy to stop growing.  Why can't he just stay as the little guy who use to want Mommy to hold him and rock him to sleep.  Well, let me clarify, because even at nearly seven years old, he would love for me to hold him in my arms and rock to sleep but he is way bigger than he was as a little one when I would do that.  He use to be the right size to rock in my arms where his little stubby legs would be hanging over my arm.  I use to be able to lift him and rock him standing if more movement was needed.  Now it would be quite a comical scene if I tried standing and rocking him holding his 45lb body with long legs and arms, every which way.

In our home, we've always had an open door policy when it comes to the bathroom.  I knew the day would come when the door would start closing but now? Already?  Really?  I'm not ready for it! He is too young to be closing the door on his Mom.  This is the same boy, that asked me to wipe his butt two days ago.  And the one that will encourage his little brother to dance in their underwear/diaper (or less) around the house.  But to be fair, I will admit that for the past few months now, I do try to cover myself when Dylan is around.  He isn't a baby anymore and although I don't want him to be embarrassed about his body, a little modesty is needed at times.

So today, when I walked past the bathroom door and saw the door close, I immediately grew concerned.  "Are you okay?" I asked him.  "Yes," he told me he was hot so he had to close the door.   Ummm okay then.   I will let that pass because I know he is growing up and although he still needs his Mommy or Daddy to hold him at night or when he falls down, there are other times, when he needs to be on his own.  I always knew he would be ready for it before I was.