Salt Painting

I'm sure you've seen this activity on Pinterest as much as I have.  It looks like a lot of fun and I thought my boys would enjoy trying this out as they both love painting.  I set each child up with a tray which I always try to use when we have messy projects as it makes for much easier clean up.  A plain piece of paper went into each tray and I gave my six year old a bottle of glue to begin drawing whatever he wants using the glue.  He loved this part and he wrote in glue at the top of the page "Thanks Mom."  I'm very blessed!

My younger child, wouldn't be able to squeeze out the glue so I asked him what he wanted and we decided on a rainbow.  I thought it looked so much fun so I made a flower.  

Once your glue picture is drawn, pour salt all over the glue, tapping off the excess.  (Good thing we have that tray!)  

Next, using watercolor paints, paint on top of the salt.  You will notice that the salt will pick the color right up and it really looks pretty amazing. 

This whole activity took about 30 minutes and little clean up.  I highly recommend picking up some salt (I got mine at the dollar store) so you and your kid(s) can also try this out!