Summer Fun Chart - A Good Behavior Chart

I spent a lot of time one night searching on the Internet for just the right chart for Dylan to help with summer behavior. A new chart is something that Dylan really enjoys.  After quite a bit of looking and not finding exactly what I was wanted, I created my own chart.  This is Dylan's Summer Fun Chart.

On the left side of the page, there are specific behaviors such as: I listened the 1st time, I didn't whine, I played nicely with my brother, I played on my own, I helped and I was good at a store.  Each time I caught her doing one of the above, I would tell him he can have a sticker.  After he gets ten stars on each, he gets a reward.  The rewards are mainly activities that I found on Pinterest and other websites.  I posted the rewards, so he knows exactly what to expect.   Some of the rewards are salt painting, foil river and making sidewalk chalk paint.  I also told him that once he filled in the entire chart, I would take him and his brother to Chuck E Cheese for some games.  He was so excited, he started exhibiting some great behavior and the stars started rolling in!