Santa's Village Review - Jefferson, NH

Recently we went to visit Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH.  We have done Storyland twice with Dylan in prior years and were looking for something similar but also new and have heard many good things about Santa's Village.  Okay, truth be told, I have been before but it was at least thirty-five years ago so I don't remember too much about it except through family pictures!

Our boys, ages (almost) two and six throughly enjoyed the day, as we did as well.  I wouldn't have thought that the Christmas theme and songs would be so much fun in a hot 85 degree day!

Tyler at the front entrance - wet after drinking a bottle of water.

Dylan as the gingerbread boy!

When we first got there, we rode the carousel and then headed off in a direction not really knowing where we were going.  As it ended up, we were heading towards the splash park.  Although, we were having fun on the rides, we quickly changed into our suits and enjoyed the splash area and water slides as it had just opened and not many were in that area.   Hubby and I took turns; one with the little guy and one of us going down the water slides with our older son.  Boy, did that bring back memories as I haven't been down a water slide in ages!  Fun!  I will caution other moms that if you do not like fast amusement park rides, then you may want to avoid the red water slide!  Oh boy, not only was it in the dark with neon lights, it was so fast, it knocked me backwards banging my head onto the slide and I couldn't sit back up until the ride was done.  My son, the roller coaster ride seeker loved the red slide!

A view of the splash park area

Enjoying the splash park before lunch was a wise ideas as we only hung out for an hour because we were looking forward to seeing more of the park and getting hungry for lunch.  We had a delicious pizza at Nick's Pizza Emporium.   Fueled by being cooled down at the water area and food in our bellies, we were ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

The Sleigh ride and Pixie Mix were our littlest guys favorite rides and our 6 year old pretty much loved everything else!   

Parking and strollers are FREE!  However if you want a stroller for two kids to sit side by side, get there early.  We got there 15 minutes after opening and they were already gone.  I was scouring the internet for a picture of the strollers at Santa's Village but didn't find one, so I am including one here in case anyone else is wondering what they look like.  Easy to stroll and push and a large pocket on the back, made it an ideal stroller for our two year old.  

The single push strollers - free to use at Santa's Village

The entertainment theaters were great for our younger child to take a rest.  Feeding the reindeers, (yes Santa's reindeers are there) a sand craft and decorating gingerbread cookies was an additional cost but worth it in my opinion as it just added to the experience.  Will definitely be going again next year! 

The Pixie Mix - brothers enjoying a ride together

Dylan feeding the Santa's reindeers