Foil River

One of the summer activities we have been looking forward to trying out is making a foil river.  I've seen it many times posted on Pinterest, so it was something we had to do!

I got a roll of foil at the dollar store.  I meant to pick up some rubber ducks to send down our river, but had forgotten so I found some plastic caps, small tupperware covers, wine cork and other little trinkets.  As it turned out, part of the fun was trying to figure out what would go down the river smoothly and what needed a little help.

I unrolled the entire 25 foot foil roll and folded it in half the long way to make it sturdier.  We then folded up the edges and the boys took turns getting buckets of water to pour at the top of the foil river.
Overall, it took about 10 minutes to set up and the boys played for about thirty minutes. It was a great way to cool down on a hot day as well as having fun while learning about water and waves.

Dylan pouring water down our river

Tyler trying various trinkets in the river

This boat was too big but with help from Tyler it worked great!