Not A Summer Bucket List

Every Summer,  I follow along with other moms and create a bucket list of things they want to do during the days of summer.  It's filled with things like having a picnic, picking strawberries and making mud pies.   But truth be told, I don't always follow the list, nor do I go back and check off my list.  This summer, I would like to focus on the here, the now and share what we just did to hopefully inspire you and your kids to live in the moment as well.

Okay, so anyone that is reading this and knows me, knows that I am a planner.  Will I still be making a daily plan of what we will be doing - hell yes!  But I don't want to feel guilty at the end of the summer because we made strawberry dumplings instead of a blueberry pie with hand picked blueberries.

It's already nearing mid-June and although my oldest isn't out of school yet, I do feel that summer has begun and we've already been doing a lot of fun things.  Playing basketball in the backyard, building sand castles together, sensory bins, balloon fun, crazy fun dancing around the house, a visit to six flags, a visit to Ft Lauderdale, planting flowers and vegetables, finger painting... just to name some of the things we have done since Memorial Day weekend!   This blog is a way for me not only to share ideas but also it's a great way to document the fun (and yes, not so fun) times with my family.