Masking Tape Painting

During February school vacation, we did lots of different projects.  Here is one of my favorites that I have seen posted on Pineterest both as a wall decoration or as a child's name.  My six year old helped me and taping out his and his brother's names on a piece of poster board.  Once we had the names how we wanted them, I set the boys up with finger paints and various brushes.

 At first Dylan was careful as to where he was putting the paint but after he saw me helping Tyler by just covering the whole paper and tape with all the colors in any direction, he began to relax and really enjoy the carefree feeling one gets when finger painting. 

Fill in every where on the poster board and then put it somewhere safe from little hands to dry.  Once dry, ours took a few hours, carefully pull back the tape to reveal your child's name.  Here is our finished product!

I absolutely love these paintings!  I think during April vacation, we will use masking tape to paint flowers and other spring time items.