Clip Reward Chart

I was feeling that we needed to start a new rewards chart as Dylan's behavior has been in need of turning around with his younger brothers first birthday, the full of fun and yet sometime boring summer time vacation and the excitement and nervousness of kindergarten right around the corner.  There is so much going on with him right now that he acts off the wall at times -- okay, he acts his age but there are times when I'm pretty sure he can tone it down a bit.  Dylan loves reward charts.  I was in search of something different so I turned to Pinterest and did a few searches on behavior charts.  The Clip Reward chart is what caught my attention and I decided to make one for us to use.

Our Clip Chart

How to make it: To make our chart, I headed to Michael's Craft store for supplies.  I got a large piece of foam core board,  primary color card stock, a bag of clothespins and a bottle of glue.  I also picked up a small container and a bag of glass stones and finally I also checked out their dollar aisle and found a few prizes.  I started by gluing five pieces of the card stock to the foam board and wrote the following from top to bottom "Awesome, Great day, Good Job, Ready, Need Improvement, Oh No! and Lose Privilege."  I also wrote in numbers from 1 to 7 next to each piece of card stock. That's all I needed to do to make the chart.  So easy!   

How it works:  Each day, when Dylan awakes the clothes pin clip will be on the green 'Ready' spot.  For us, this means we are ready to start the day.  When Dylan has negative behavior it will result in a 'clip down' .  If he clips down to the lose privilege spot than I will take something away such as a toy, xbox or something similar for the remainder of the day.  Good behavior will result in being told to 'clip up'.   

As mentioned previously, I picked up a small canister with lid and glass beads.  At the beginning of the next day, we will look at the chart to see what number his clip is on and put that number of beads into the canister.

Our small canister 

Rewards:  To earn a prize, there are a couple of ways to do it.  If he is on the Awesome spot and he clips up past Awesome, it is considered off the chart and I will reward him by letting him pick a prize out of my prize bucket.

The 2nd way to earn a prize is at every 20 beads.  I figured giving him a dollar prize every few days is definitely worth his good behavior.

And the last way is to fill the canister up!   The canister holds 80 glass beads (yes I counted!)   When the canister is filled up, it will result in a larger bigger prize than the $1 dollar prizes.

Some examples of prizes that I got are a paddle ball, a slap on watch, punching balloon, large bubbles, pez candy, a bag of M&Ms.  You get the idea.

Some of the $1 prizes
We are on day three; so far he has gotten a 3 Need Improvement, an off the chart (8 beads) and today a 5 - Good Day.  This morning he was so excited to pick out his prize.  He picked the big bubbles and at 7:00 am this morning, he was outside blowing bubbles.  Definitely fun way to earn a reward!