Glow Stick Party - Summer Kick off!

It may not quite be summer yet but we decided to kick off our summer by having a glow stick party.  I had never heard of a glow stick party until I found it on Happy Home Fairy's website via The Confident Mom.  What a fun way to get summer started! I purchased a few different glow sticks at our local dollar store.  While dad gave the boys their baths, I unwrapped, snapped and shook all the glow sticks.  When Dylan saw all the glow sticks, he was really excited.  I placed them on the floor and the boys had a great time exploring, waving and dancing with the sticks.  Dylan was very creative making a head band and bracelet out of them.

Tyler watching his big brother

Look Mom - a figure eight!

Head band and necklace

It was an inexpensive way to have fun with the kids and they throughly enjoyed it. Let the summer begin!

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