This year we signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  We pay upfront to get about a variety of vegetables and sometimes fruit for the next ten weeks.  By paying in the beginning of the season, it helps the farm out to get equipment, seeds and whatever else is needed for the growing season.  We signed on with Stanley Farms in Boxborough, MA.   As an added bonus, Stanley Farms delivers and at the end of the season, 50lbs of beef and 25lbs of pork all locally raised will be delivered.  

I'll be sharing some of the recipes that will be making with our CSA share over the next few months!

Make Butter!

I've made whipped cream plenty of times but never butter.  It was quite amazing to watch the transformation of cream into whipped cream and then into butter right before our eyes.  This is such a super easy activity, you have to try it!    

What you will need:

1 jar with a lid 
Heavy Cream
1 glass marble
Rubber spatula

I used a glass milk bottle and 16oz of Heavy Cream.  I didn't take into consideration of how heavy the glass was to keep shaking; next time I will try to find a plastic lighter container.  

Pour the heavy cream into the bottle.  Drop in your glass marble.  Make sure the lid is on tight and start shaking!  Shake, shake shake and don't stop!  

Here is Dylan shaking our container.  

After 10 minutes of shaking, it still looks the same!  Keep Shaking! 

About 25 minutes of shaking, we have whipped cream! Boy my arms getting tired now!
This is the amazing part!  I'm shaking and shaking it and feeling like it's not doing anything because well it's whipped cream, it's a strange thing to shake whipped cream around.  Doesn't feel like it's doing much in there and then it happens!  Ta-Dah!  See Below!

Ta-Dah! All of a sudden the creamiest whipped cream that is difficult to shake, has turned to liquid and I immediately think, 'Oh man, I did something wrong, its back to its original form.'  Nope, I look and I see butter in there!  

Get your strainer and pour the entire contents into it.  Make sure you have a bowl underneath to catch the buttermilk.  (Save this to make buttermilk pancakes tomorrow!)  Using a spoon or rubber spatula, push lightly to make sure all the liquid is out of the butter.  Scoop the butter up and make sure to take out the marble.  If you like salted butter, than mix in one teaspoon of salt.  You can shape it into rolls and wrap it in plastic or just put it in a bowl until your ready to enjoy it! Yum! 

Here is what I used my butter on:  

The recipe can be found here at Sweet Pea's Kitchen

Glow Stick Party - Summer Kick off!

It may not quite be summer yet but we decided to kick off our summer by having a glow stick party.  I had never heard of a glow stick party until I found it on Happy Home Fairy's website via The Confident Mom.  What a fun way to get summer started! I purchased a few different glow sticks at our local dollar store.  While dad gave the boys their baths, I unwrapped, snapped and shook all the glow sticks.  When Dylan saw all the glow sticks, he was really excited.  I placed them on the floor and the boys had a great time exploring, waving and dancing with the sticks.  Dylan was very creative making a head band and bracelet out of them.

Tyler watching his big brother

Look Mom - a figure eight!

Head band and necklace

It was an inexpensive way to have fun with the kids and they throughly enjoyed it. Let the summer begin!

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