Handprint Butterfly Craft

We were having one of "those days". I had better find something fun to do to turn our moods around quickly. I was browsing Facebook and thankfully The Activity Mom had a post from No Time For Flashcards called "25 Classic Crafts For Kids". I clicked on the link and loved many of the ideas. I decided the handprint butterflies would be easy to not only because only a few supplies are needed, less mess and Dylan would be able to color, cut and decorate. Perfect!

Here is a direct link to the Handprint Butterfly Craft on No Time For Flashcards. Trace both hands on a piece of construction paper. Cut out each hand print. Dylan is old enough to trace and cut out his own hands, so he enjoyed that part. Now, line up the thumbs and glue them together.

Now the really fun part - decorate! We have a fantastic craft tray, I picked up a couple of years ago at Michael's Craft store. Laying the craft in the tray, makes less mess especially when using glue, glitter, feathers.

Dylan used glitter markers and feathers to decorate his butterfly.  He then glued his butterfly onto another piece of construction paper where he drew in butterfly antennas, flowers, grass and of course, his name and age.   It came out fantastic. I wasn't sure what a butterfly would look like with feathers but I think he made it work and I was proud to hang it up in our kitchen.  What a great keepsake of his hands!