Sensory Activities

I love setting up different Sensory bins and activities for my boys.  Now that Ty is at the age where he can join in on the fun, I've been setting up activities geared towards both a 10 month old and a 5 year old.  I have a large clean plastic container that I dumped in a bunch of Cheerios.  Both boys had a great time putting their hands in the Cheerios, digging them around, swirling their fingers in it and of course eating them! Once Dylan got bored, I let the smaller one sit in the container of Cheerios.

Another day, we needed something to break up the day, so I took a small plastic container and filled it with warm water from the sink.  I didn't say a word as I placed it on a towel on the floor and filled it with a few floating toys.  Both boys were immediately drawn to it.  "Can we put our hands in it?" Dylan asked.  "Yes,"  I replied.  Of course, my ten month old didn't have to ask but made his way over to see what I put on the floor.  Right away, his hands went in and smiles came out.  Dylan, started playing with super heroes in the water and Tyler inspected all the toys that were in the water bin.  It was also fun as I asked Tyler to get the ball or to get the boat, he studied everything and pulled out the items.  

This next idea wasn't a bin at all but what a fun activity for my smaller son to do.  I gave him a ball of yarn on the floor.  He was instantly interested and proceed to bat it with his small hand across the floor.  He soon realized "the ball" was leaving a string behind and enjoyed shaking the string and then starting all over again hitting the yard ball with his hand and chasing behind it.  

Each activity probably took about 5 minutes to set up and a little longer to clean up but definitely worth it for both boys.  As with any activity, adult supervision is required.  I hope you try some of these sensory ideas and let me know what works for you!  For us, it not only breaks up the day, but the boys get to relax and explore while having fun.