Magic Milk Paint

I was trying to make dinner.  I had one child on my left hip and the other at my heels looking for something to do.  I had checked out the Clorox's Recipe for Fun site quite a few times and had the Magic Milk Paint on my mind for something to do.  Why not?  I grabbed a few baby bowls and filled each with a tiny bit of milk.  I told my son he was going to be using a magic wand.  I didn't have any toothpicks on hand, as the recipe suggests so we used the back of baby spoons.  I gave my son the food coloring where he got to add a few drops of the colors to whichever bowls he wanted.

He had no idea what he was about to do but he was having fun already!  I then put a little dish soap in a separate cup and he dipped each spoon handle into the soap.  Now for the fun part!  Put the spoon handle with the dish soap into the colored milk and watch what happens.

The colors seem to "run" from the dish soap.  It happens quick and only happens once but it was fun to watch.  He also enjoyed mixing different food colors to see what colors they created. I didn't like that we had to 'waste' milk but I did only use a tiny bit.  It was, however a great way to give my son a few minutes of fun while I finished getting dinner together.

For the full recipe as well as why this happens check out Clorox's Recipes for Fun website filled with crafts and wacky science ideas.