Digital Scrapbooking

Quiet time.  It may seem rare but most nights I do actually get a little quiet time.  Once the boys are asleep, I love to turn on the television in the bedroom, put my feet up and head on over to Hummie's World.  Digital scrapbookers rejoice!  There is a website that is both helpful and supportive and now they have their own design store as well!   Hummie has a plethora of monthly classes that a subscriber can sign up. The classes are worth signing up for as Hummie has created her own how to videos for most of the lessons as well as .pdf files.

I am currently in a designer class, so you may notice the background, layout and header being changed around as I want to design not only my own digital scrapbooking papers and elements but also my own blog.  I will also be posting up some of what I am learning.