Digital Scrapbooking

Quiet time.  It may seem rare but most nights I do actually get a little quiet time.  Once the boys are asleep, I love to turn on the television in the bedroom, put my feet up and head on over to Hummie's World.  Digital scrapbookers rejoice!  There is a website that is both helpful and supportive and now they have their own design store as well!   Hummie has a plethora of monthly classes that a subscriber can sign up. The classes are worth signing up for as Hummie has created her own how to videos for most of the lessons as well as .pdf files.

I am currently in a designer class, so you may notice the background, layout and header being changed around as I want to design not only my own digital scrapbooking papers and elements but also my own blog.  I will also be posting up some of what I am learning.  

Make A Book!

Looking for a fun craft to do on a whim?  Often times I've wished I could think of something fun for my five-year old to do while I made dinner or put in a load of laundry.  Make a book!  Easy and I bet you have all the materials right at home.

We took an 8 x 11.5 " piece of printer paper and folded it in half and in half again.  Cut on the seams so you have four equal squares.  At this point, you can punch holes to thread ribbon through them or just staple the corner for a flip book.  Add as many pieces of paper that your child wants or just keep it simple and use one piece.  

Get out the crayons, markers and/or colored pencils. If your child can write his/her letters than they can create their own story with your help.  Add some stickers or draw in the pictures.  That's it and you have a fantastic keepsake.  Have them make a story about a family member or whatever stickers you have on hand.  My son loved this activity so much, there has been so many times thereafter he has asked if we could make another book. His creativity blossoms when I give him time and the supplies to do these things on his own.

After your child is done, be sure to have him or her read the book to you! 

Tie Dye T-shirt - update

Here is Dylan with his finished Tie Dye Shirt. His was the spiral shaped shirt that was wrapped as a ball. It came out fantastic! After washing it in hot water as per the instructions, the colors fade quiet a bit. You can use more dye tablets to get a brighter shirt.
I want to also advise that the shirt will shrink. Now I see why the instructions say to wash the shirt first. To avoid disappointment, get a shirt that is larger than you normally wear and before you tie dye it, wash it in hot water. I didn't and now my son has two Tie Dye shirts to wear!