Tie Dye T-Shirts

Here is a super fun activity!  Tie Dye your own T-shirts, apron, canvas bag, whatever you can think of to do!  I bought this kit by Tulip at our local craft store.  This kit used Neon colors such as orange, pink, blue, bright green and yellow.  There were other kits with a different mix of colors such as using Primary colors.

When you open up the box, you will find 5 colors with squeeze bottles, plastic gloves, elastics, extra dyes as well as this detailed idea booklet.  I chose to make the Bullseye design and Dylan chose the spiral. 

Time to get started!  The first step is to dampen your shirt.  The directions advised to wash your shirt in the washer first but we were eager to get started,  so I just wet our shirts under the sink facuet, squeezed out the excess and then wrapped the shirt up as pictured.  Here is a picture of our shirts wrapped and ready to go.

The longer shirt is for the Bullseye and Dylan's is wrapped up tightly in a ball for the Spiral.  Next step, get the dyes ready.  All that's needed to mix the dyes, is to add water, cap the bottle and shake.  So easy!

Let's get to dying those shirts now!  I happen to have two plastic containers that were perfect for pouring the dye onto the shirts.  The idea is to take the tip of the dye bottle and point it at where you want to the dye to go.  We also wanted to make sure to cover the shirt, so we had to make sure we got the tip into all the nooks and crannies.

Dylan is pouring the Blue dye onto his shirt.  Once you feel the shirt is saturated in color, place your shirt into a large ziploc bag overnight for the colors to soak into the t-shirt.

Here are our shirts waiting for the colors to soak in!

We waited until the next morning and here are our shirts fresh out of the ziploc bags! The top shirt is the Bullseye and the other the Spiral.   The next step is to wash the shirts individually in the washing machine using hot water.   I will post our final products up tomorrow!