The Shape Game

My five year old came up with a great game idea that I wanted to share. He calls it 'The Shape Game'.  We were in need of something to do and he declared "Mom I have a great game idea! I'll go set it up."  And he did. He took sheets of paper and drew different shapes on them.  Then he laid them out from the kitchen through the hallway.  Dylan laid out the shapes in a pattern and then he advised me that on each shape we would have to do something different.  For example, on the squares we would hop on one foot, on the triangles, we would march and on the circles we would do jump 'n jacks.

It was a fun game and we switched up the shapes and made different patterns.  It got quite silly after a while.   What a great game to not only practice drawing shapes, but we also practiced patterns as well as following directions.

The downside is he used quite a bit of paper so if you decide to play this game, then you may want to cut the paper in half. Another idea would be to laminate the sheets so you can play over and over again!  Enjoy!