Wrap Strap for Shopping Cart

Recently I purchased The Wrap Strap Shopping Cart Safety Strap sold by OneStepAhead Baby.  I has never seen this product until I received an email advertisement from them and it immediately got my attention.   It made me remember what it was like when my first child was small enough and need to be strapped into a shopping cart.   The straps would either be broken or just caked with filth and germs from having so many other kids eating and/or wearing the straps before him.

The Wrap Strap Shopping Cart Safety Strap is a 4” belt that fits over the baby’s belly and Velcros securely in the back. I was surprised by how plush the fabric felt, when I first got my hands on it.  I also noticed the Velcro closure on the back was quite large so it seems as it would be good for different size children. 

Excited to try out the Wrap Strap on my 7 month old, who ordinarily at this age, would not be sitting in a shopping cart, we headed to Walgreens to pick up a few things.

I lifted Tyler out of his car seat and sat him in the front of the cart.  I can see where this might take a little skill but luckily for me Tyler was very cooperative as I sat him in the front seat, threaded the Wrap Strap through the bars and across his belly.  I was then able to secure him in by using the Velcro backing.  

The Verdict?  I love The Wrap Strap Shopping Cart Safety Strap! As a mom, I have to bring lots of things when we travel even if it's just a trip to the local grocery store.  Sippy cup, snack, teething toys, reusable grocery bags.  So do I really want to carry one more thing into the stores with me?  Yes!  This one is easy.  Because it velcros, I can strap it to the baby's car seat handle or right onto my diaper bag.

Another fantastic use for the Wrap Strap is if you kitchen chair allows, you can actually strap the baby into a seat for a feeding.  For us this would be a great idea when visiting Grandma.  As with all products, please use this strap with caution and never leave your babies side when using.

Here is a link to where you can purchase one for your child!  OneStepAhead Wrap Strap Shopping Cart Safety Strap