Moon Sand - Sensory Activity

Well, the commercials certainly make Moon Sand to be a whole lot easier to shape than it is in reality, however, I will say what a terrific sensory activity this is for kids.  Here is how I keep it contained!  I took an under the bed storage container and filled it with a few tubs of Moon Sand.  When baby Ty goes down for a nap and Dyl is ineed of something quiet to do, this is the perfect activity!

I pulled out the container and put it on the kitchen floor for him to use.  Dyl thought it would be great to add some cars in there, and so that's what he did.  He made roads for his demolition derby.

Some rules that we have for this activity is that only a parent can bring this activity out. By keeping the container under my bed, it helps to enforce this rule as he knows not to go pulling things out of our room.
That's right - Out of Sight - Out of Mind.

Another rule we have is that it's hands only.  He wishes he can stick his bare feet in the container but frankly, there just isn't enough room for it.    And finally, the same rule that we have for Play-Doh applies for Moon Sand.   If it's on the floor, it gets thrown away.  This rule only applies to the dough and not the toys.

 Dyl got to play demolition derby for about thirty minutes and then we put it away.  It was the perfect down time activity for him.  He played and sang and was rejuvenated thereafter.