Listen The First Time!

I often tell my five year old that I sound like a broken record when I respond to his incessant need to repeat things over and over again.  His response is usually "huh?"  or "What's that?"  I know I am definitely not the only one with a child that does not listen the first time.  Oh he does some of the time and those moments are wonderful but very few.  A few days ago, I told Dylan that every time I have to repeat something three times or he goes into a time out, that I was going to take away 5 minutes from his normal bed time.  He normally goes to bed at 7:20 PM.  That means, no more books, hugs & kisses are done, no more water - just lights out.  Two nights ago, Dylan had lights out at 7:15 PM and last night it was 7:10 PM.  So far today, he is still at 7:20 PM.  I swear the listening got much better since implementing this rule.