Chore - Behavior Bingo Chart

I've mentioned before how much my son loves reward programs/charts.  These work for him so I continually try to think of new charts to keep him interested in whatever it is we are trying to do.  The past few weeks, we've been using a Bingo Chart.  It's a Microsoft Word doc that has 5 boxes across and 5 down, filled in so 25 boxes.  We start the chart on Sunday and it ends on Saturday.  Each week, I change the chores and/or behaviors depending on what he needs to work on that week.  Some ideas to fill in the chart may be:

Feed the dog
Sweep the floor
Make bed
Help Mommy
Help Daddy
Empty bathroom trash can
Help empty dishwasher
Set the table
Help clear the table
Brushed teeth in AM
Pick up 15 items around home/room
Good behavior while out
Great bedtime (no crying/whining)
Came in from outside without crying
Listen the 1st time
Empty the homeless bucket (a container of stray items that need to be put away)
Stay in your own bed until at least 6:00 AM

Often times, I have more than one of the above on the chart as I want him to continue the good behavior all week.  We've done a set chart for about four weeks now and what I've noticed is that, often I wish there was a blank spot to award him a bingo spot for something that is not on the chart.  This week, I talked to him about only putting specific chores/behaviors in some of the boxes and the others would be blank.  Then whenever I catch him doing some good behaviors and/or chores without me asking, I award him a spot.  He likes this as well, since now he gets to pick what box he wants colored in.  

The Reward:  The reward for him is $0.50 a bingo.  He loves getting money to be able to buy his own toys or treats so I award him fifty cents for each bingo he has completed on or before Saturday.  Only once so far, has he not completed all the bingos.  Every Sunday, he reminds me to print out a new Bingo sheet for him so he can get started on that week's chart.  

Want to download a copy of Dylan's Bingo Chart to make it your own?  Download it here and then leave a comment to let me know how you used your bingo chart.