Siging 'All Done'

Ty signed back his first sign a few days ago!  Twice a day, I had to give Ty his antibiotics for his ear infection.  Oh boy did he hate that, so when we were done, I would sign and say "All done!"  and then clap and say "Yay Ty!"  He picked up on signing all done quickly.  At first, he would bring his hands down and clasp them together and stop.  But I saw it.  Because he did this three times in a day and a half and so I was cheering him on. Two days later, he will put his hands up and down and then clasp them together when he is all done with something.  Out of the high chair, out of Daddy's arms, out of his walker... so pretty much anytime he wants mom, he will sign 'All Done' and look at me.  Such a smartie! I am so loving the communication.