Getting medicine into baby

Sometimes my husband is a genius.  Yes, I said it! 

Ty is recovering from his first miserable cold.  I know that all colds are miserable but this wasn't just your run of a mill cold, this was a runny nose, wheezy, raspy cough, complete with ear infection, diarrhea and spit up.  By day two and a half, he was crying constantly and that's when we got the ear infection diagnosis.  Oh the joy of taking 5 ml of a berry tasting icky smelling medicine and trying to inject it into a 6 month old's mouth.  Now Ty is just getting to the point where he is eating solids willingly and here I am putting another foreign substance into his mouth.  Who knew at six months, he would be so good at moving his head back and forth and blocking my tries of getting the plunger of antibiotics into his mouth? I actually begged him, tricked him, sang to him, bribed him - all to get this medicine in his mouth. Ty has to take a full teaspoon twice a day for 10 days.  We've both been left on the verge of tears as he pulls my heart strings a little bit more making me feel guilty about trying to get this medicine into him.  Who would have thought it would be so difficult?  So day seven, hubby says 'want me to give it a try?'  Oh sure I think, like I haven't thought of everything and me his mom should be able to do this right? I mean right?!  I get up about to cry and he steps in.  Less than 30 seconds later, the baby is happy and the medicine is in the baby.  THE MEDICINE IS IN THE BABY?! 
There are no tears? What the...?  

So I will reveal to you my hubby's secret and I'm telling you, it works and it has worked every time.  He snaps his fingers over the baby's head and when the baby looks up with his mouth open in wonder...  well there you go! A little squirt goes in and then you start again...  I can't believe my hubby has figured out the secret to get the medicine to go down.  Did I mention, I even tried bribing the baby with juice and a popsicle.  Okay, not my proudest moment, but I had no idea all I had to do was snap my fingers.  Now I know!