Cottonball Snowmen

For our area in Massachusetts, we normally get quite a bit of snow but not this year but that doesn't mean we still can't make a snowman!  Okay, it's not your typical outside snowman but inside fun with cotton balls, scissors and glue.  Today, we each drew three circles on a piece of paper and glued them onto the circles by dipping the cotton balls into the glue.  Dyl and I then drew a hat, buttons and a nose and cut them out ourselves and also pasted those onto our snowman.  I happen to have some googlie eyes so we used those but construction cut eyes would have worked as well.  It was quick and fun activity that we both enjoyed! 

Here is Dyl hard at work.  The red marker hands is a story for another time!  Enjoy!

Siging 'All Done'

Ty signed back his first sign a few days ago!  Twice a day, I had to give Ty his antibiotics for his ear infection.  Oh boy did he hate that, so when we were done, I would sign and say "All done!"  and then clap and say "Yay Ty!"  He picked up on signing all done quickly.  At first, he would bring his hands down and clasp them together and stop.  But I saw it.  Because he did this three times in a day and a half and so I was cheering him on. Two days later, he will put his hands up and down and then clasp them together when he is all done with something.  Out of the high chair, out of Daddy's arms, out of his walker... so pretty much anytime he wants mom, he will sign 'All Done' and look at me.  Such a smartie! I am so loving the communication.

Good Morning Chaos!

Our day is normally filled with chaos and so it begins.  Put Ty in his bouncer seat, try to use the bathroom, oh wait, Dylan just beat me in there, so I wait until I hear the toilet seat slam down just as I'm shouting "Don't slam the toilet seat!"  Daddy is washing up, I squeeze past to use the toilet when I notice baby Ty is squirming so far out of his bouncer seat, his butt is on the floor and only his head is in the bouncer.  Run over, put the baby back in the bouncer seat, use the bathroom while I hear Dylan opening and slamming shut dresser drawers and then "Mom I don't have any socks!" "Okay I will get you a pair in a minute" I reply.  He runs in the bathroom again to inform me he has no socks.  I know, I tell him, I will get him a pair in a second.  He informs me one second is just him saying the number one.  I think this might be a long day.

In our bedroom, I see the three baskets of laundry waiting to be sorted, folder and put away.  I dump one on the bed and find Dylan a pair of socks.  The baby during this time, has again squirmed out of his seat and is nearly on the floor.  I scoop him up, thinking next time I should really put the seat belt on him.  I hug him, smile at him and tell him to give Mommy a few minutes as I put him in the exersaucer.  I jump in the shower enjoying the few minutes to myself which doesn't last long as I hear Daddy telling Dylan to not to use the light saber near the baby, stop grabbing the baby so tightly or Dylan acting out another Star Wars scene.  The baby is also exercising his vocal chords joining in the chorus of chaos.

After throwing on some clothes, we all head to the kitchen. Millie, our dog is ringing the bell to go out.  Ty is banging a spoon on his high chair tray.  Dylan is asking to put on Nick Jr on the kitchen television while making his own Toaster Strudel. I grab a plate and glass of juice for Dylan. I let the dog out.  I (or Daddy) throw a scoop of dog food into her bowl.  I (or Daddy) make up a pot of coffee. I mix up some warm cereal with fruit for Ty.  We let the dog in, give her a snack for bringing in the paper.  We all sit at the table together. Daddy grabs a yogurt. I grab a piece of toast with peanut butter.  Often Daddy makes us eggs which is wonderful. Dylan has his Toaster Strudel.  I feed Ty his cereal. The table gets strudel frosting spilled on to it. The high chair tray gets cereal smeared all over as Ty loves to dip his fingers into his food. 

Ten minutes later, dishes are being scrapped, rinsed and piled into the sink. The dishwasher is full of clean dishes.  I clean up Ty and plop him into the walker. I check to make sure all doors are closed. We put away the dishes together while Ty tries to grab whatever he can from the dishwasher. A wooden spoon and a plastic cup is what he scored today.  We load up the dishwasher with the dirty dishes and wipe down the table and counters.  Finally we get to pour a cup of coffee.

I sit at the computer to check facebook and email. Ty is sitting on the floor playing while I sip my coffee. Daddy is either heading to work out the door or downstairs if he is working from home. Dylan once ready for school, is yelling how he is a Jedi and going to get Count Dooku while our dog chases him room to room ready to help in the battle.  Five minutes of playing and Ty commando crawls over to my feet ready to be picked up.  I hold him and sign Milk.  Attached now he is happy slowly drinking and slipping into a light sleep but not for long as Jedi Dylan storms into the room wielding a light saber and a very loud voice "Stand back Count Dooku!" 
I say, "Dylan, don't wake the baby!"
He replies "Oh sorry!" 
Too late, baby wakes up and we start the whole thing over as I put Ty back on the floor to play for 5 minutes.  This time, I sit with him showing him some of his toys and stacking up cups.  He again crawls over to my lap to be held.

Now it's nearly 8 AM  and all this has happened over the span of about 90 minutes. Time for Dylan to get ready for school.  This is how our every morning begins. I forgot to mention how normally Dylan wakes about 5:30ish and asks if he can play his DS in bed while the rest of us tries hard to enjoy every last minute of sleep before he joyously shouts aloud "Six Oh Oh Time to get up!"  

Our mornings are loud. Heck, our house is loud. It is never quiet here except after 8:00 PM and before 5:00 AM. Our chaos is named Dylan and Tyler and boy do I love our chaos.

Getting medicine into baby

Sometimes my husband is a genius.  Yes, I said it! 

Ty is recovering from his first miserable cold.  I know that all colds are miserable but this wasn't just your run of a mill cold, this was a runny nose, wheezy, raspy cough, complete with ear infection, diarrhea and spit up.  By day two and a half, he was crying constantly and that's when we got the ear infection diagnosis.  Oh the joy of taking 5 ml of a berry tasting icky smelling medicine and trying to inject it into a 6 month old's mouth.  Now Ty is just getting to the point where he is eating solids willingly and here I am putting another foreign substance into his mouth.  Who knew at six months, he would be so good at moving his head back and forth and blocking my tries of getting the plunger of antibiotics into his mouth? I actually begged him, tricked him, sang to him, bribed him - all to get this medicine in his mouth. Ty has to take a full teaspoon twice a day for 10 days.  We've both been left on the verge of tears as he pulls my heart strings a little bit more making me feel guilty about trying to get this medicine into him.  Who would have thought it would be so difficult?  So day seven, hubby says 'want me to give it a try?'  Oh sure I think, like I haven't thought of everything and me his mom should be able to do this right? I mean right?!  I get up about to cry and he steps in.  Less than 30 seconds later, the baby is happy and the medicine is in the baby.  THE MEDICINE IS IN THE BABY?! 
There are no tears? What the...?  

So I will reveal to you my hubby's secret and I'm telling you, it works and it has worked every time.  He snaps his fingers over the baby's head and when the baby looks up with his mouth open in wonder...  well there you go! A little squirt goes in and then you start again...  I can't believe my hubby has figured out the secret to get the medicine to go down.  Did I mention, I even tried bribing the baby with juice and a popsicle.  Okay, not my proudest moment, but I had no idea all I had to do was snap my fingers.  Now I know!

Signing 'Milk'

I've been signing milk to Ty since he was a newborn.  I read that although babies don't have the fine motor skills to repeat the sign back, that they may understand and learn to communicate better.  So when Ty was 3 months old, I would say "Do you want some milk?" and I would open, close, open, close my fist.  By the time he was 5 months old, he responded to it.  Not all the time but I knew in his eyes, he knew that I was communicating with him. Now at 6 and a half months old, he will start getting fussy or turning around and mouthing my shirt and I will say to him "Tyler do you want some milk?" And he will usually respond with a big open mouth and put his mouth on my fist as to say "Yes! That's exactly what I want and I want it right now!"  Because after we have that little bit of communication, I cannot get him latched on fast enough.  It's all so wonderfully fantastic!