Tin Foil Painting

This morning we were looking for something fun to do and found this activity  posted on You'll Thank Me One Day Blog which I found through The Activity Mom on Facebook.  Who would have thought something so easy could be a lot of fun and a learning activity as well!

For our set up, I used a plastic tray to keep the art contained.  I also put a piece of thin poster board under a piece of aluminum foil to make it a little sturdy when I moved it to its drying spot upon completion. I squeezed various washable finger paints onto a tray and handed him a bunch of paint brushes.

At first, he started with little spots of colors but once I told him he could use his fingers as well, he went to town! He would dab the colors on and then use a different hand to smear and blend it around.  The learning part in this activity was that he learned more about the beauty of mixing colors.  I also loved that he could use the color white which usually doesn't use on plain white paper. Thus he found out how to lighten colors.  Dylan had a great idea for his second picture which we put glitter glue all over the painting as well.

The whole activity took about 30 minutes but it was thirty minutes of quiet creative fun time.  He then cleaned up in the sink where he loves to wash all the brushes out while I quickly wiped down the table.  (Love washable paints!)