Shaving Cream Paints

We've done the Shaving Cream painting so many times through the past couple of years, I'm not sure where I got the idea from since I've seen it in a number of places as well as shared it with many mom friends.  This is a great down time activity in the tub.

Here is how Dylan and I set it up.  Put your child in the tub while mixing the colors to keep the messiness contained.   I use regular white shaving cream, a muffin tin and food coloring.  I put a little shaving cream in each muffin tin.  Then we add in a couple of drops from the four primary colors. This is also a great learning activity. He gets to mix in two colors and see what they make.  Dylan loves this part and even though he knows what Yellow and Red makes, he loves to question it and see if it really does make Orange after we mix them together.

After mixing the colors together, it's time to get started painting.  Please never leave your child unattended with this activity.  It can get slippery and your child may want to stand while having all this fun.  Dylan either uses his finger or a paint brush.  He makes rainbows, flowers, writes his name...really has a great time singing and drawing on the tub tile/walls. 

The best part is when someone takes a shower it all easily washes off!  Let me know if you decide to try it out and how it went.