Rainy Day Fun

Today is day two of the rainiest week to be here in New England.  I thought the sun was going to be out in three more days but as it turns out it may be another five.  There is no reason it has to be a mopey day at home, here are some ideas for some rainy day fun that we do in our home. 

Rainy Day Activities

  1. Put together a puzzle
  2. Make cookies from scratch. Din is great at rolling them into balls - certainly makes cookie making less time consuming.  Mmmm cookies & milk for snack time!
  3. Be pirates, the couch is a boat; throw pillows on the floor and hop from one to the other to find buried treasure.
  4. Hide coins or other objects around a room and play hot/cold/warm until they are found.  Take turns - my son loves hiding the objects as much as finding them!
  5. Bring out the finger paints and let your child have at it.
  6. Finger paints too messy for you? Get out the watercolors, markers, crayons, and some paper.  
  7. Put on your raincoat & boots and stomp in some puddles.
  8. Warm up your child with a bubble bath thereafter.
  9. Play a board game
  10. Cuddle up and read a book together.
  11. Scissors! My son loves drawing shapes, cutting them out and pasting them on paper.
  12. Let your child help cut out coupons or pictures from an old magazine
  13. Put on some music and dance!
  14. Make a band - bang some spoons together, bang on pans, sing loudly - let it out and have fun!
  15. Have a tea party with all your child's stuffed animal friends - serve water/juice and little snacks.
  16. Have your child help you around the house. My son loves to help me dust, use soap & water to wash down cabinets or larger appliances; sweep the floor or help empty the dishwasher by sorting the silverware. 
  17. Shaving cream paints for the tub.  (See the post before this)
I know there are lots more so please share your ideas with me!