Home Depot Kid Workshops

Every first Saturday of the month at Home Depot, they have a kid workshop where your child gets their own orange apron with their name on it and can put together the chosen project.  We've never done this but this morning, Dylan was asking what project can we do this morning together, so I thought we could give a try.  I love that we don't have to register ahead of time so we can do this last minute like we did today.  Today's project was a wooden tulip flower pot for Mother's day.

We were warmly greeted, given an orange apron and handed a kit wrapped in cellophane wrapping.  The kits have instructions with pictures and words. Each little workstation had its own wood glue and a hammer.
Dylan had a great time asking what piece we needed next and how we put the flower pot together.  Most of the work was done with wood glue but he was very excited to be able to hammer in 4 small nails.

When we got it home, we got out some paints so he could finish up the pot. It was a great project.  I love his enthusiasm and I'm looking now for more wood working project ideas we can do together.