Hermit Crabs

About two weeks ago at a local fair, we stopped at a table where they were selling Land Hermit Crabs.  Intrigued we asked questions about the care and had Dylan picked one out and took him home along with a habitat and food.  I read online that Hermit crabs despite their name do not like being all alone and it's better to have two or three in one habitat. So, the next day we went down to our local PetSmart and Din picked out another (Princess Leia).  Yes, the first one we got he named Luke. I have no idea if they are male or female but they names are what they are. Luke is the crab in the green painted shell and Leia, is the silver color shell on the right side. 

A mom friend also had given us their bigger habitat as well as a bunch of other Hermit crab essentials.  At first, they were both doing great, well so it seemed.  A few days later, neither of them were moving or eating and I couldn't figure out why.  I checked to make sure they were alive and only Luke responded.  I put Leia in the smaller habitat and no movement for over a day and she started omitting a really bad smell.  I broke the news to Dylan that Leia has gone to heaven but Luke seemed okay.  I'm guessing Leia was sick.  As soon as I removed Leia from the bigger habitat, Luke was active again.  PetSmart does have a 14 day guarantee on their animals so we took Leia back and today brought home Han Solo. I also picked up a thermostat to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity in their home. 

We now have two crabs again and I think we all enjoy watching them. Today, we tried giving Luke a bath but I think he is still warming up to us.  Perhaps another day I can get some pictures of Hermit crab bath time!