Getting Big Brother Ready for Baby

We will be welcoming our 2nd blessing into the world within the next 10 weeks.  Dylan has been our one and only for 4 and a half years and 99% of me thought he would always be our one and only.  Like Dylan, this 2nd baby is a big welcomed surprise.  We've been prepping Dylan for the day when all our lives will completely be transformed. Having grown up in a home with 3 siblings and me being the "baby" for 7 years, I know what it's like when a baby comes along and to become the one that doesn't get all the attention anymore.  I am trying to make this a very positive experience for Dylan and helping him to be excited about our newest addition.

About a month ago, we went to our local consignment store and Dylan picked out the going home outfit for baby.  He is so proud of the outfit he picked out, he shows it to everyone that comes over to our home.

When we are in the baby section of stores, I have also let him pick out a new toy for the baby.  Once, he picked up a teething toy and looked at me with a confused expression and said, "Do you think the baby will know what to do with this?"  I couldn't help but laugh because it really didn't look like a very exciting toy but I assured him the baby would enjoy it.

Last week, we had to go to Labor & Delivery to get my rhogam shot.  Dylan was with me as usual.  This was great because I got to show him exactly where mommy will be when the baby comes and where I'll be sleeping for 4 nights since we are having a c-section.  He had lots of questions for the nurse there.  'Which bed specifically will mommy be in?'  'Can he check out the bathroom?'  'Where will daddy be?'  The nurse was great and patiently answered all his questions.  His favorite part about going to the hospital was all the vending machines.  Clearly a boy, who hasn't had much experience with a vending machine.  He was amazed that when we put dollar bills in, food and change would come out.  It was great to see him enjoy it so much.  I told him we would start putting aside some dollar bills for him to get snacks when mommy was in the hospital having the baby.  He loved this idea!

Getting ready for baby, there is lots of clothing, a new bed and bath tub for baby; Dylan has been a little upset that these things aren't for him and that he cannot try them all out.  However, today I did let him buckle Pooh Bear into the car seat and carry it around the house.  Seemed to make his day.