Backyard Treasure Hunt

Thanks to Gingersnap Alley  for such a great idea for an outdoor treasure hunt.  Today, at the end of the day, when my 4 1/2 year son was tired and cranky, I remembered this idea that I read on her website.  I grabbed a plain piece of paper and drew a quick map of our backyard.  I hid pretend gold coins around our backyard and on the treasure map, I drew in how many steps to each spot and added arrows to which direction to head towards.  I then handed the map to him and let him follow it (with a little help from me).  He LOVED this idea.  I had to draw another map to play again and then he hid the coins and gave me hints as to where he hid them.  It was a great winding down activity and I'm sure it will be something we will be doing again and again.