Insta-Snow - Sensory Activity

About a year ago, I bought a jar of Insta-Snow from  The idea was to add water to this powder and snow would appear. This is a great sensory and science activity.  Insta-Snow is wonderful. Last year my son would dig his fingers into it and play and now a year later, the same jar is still bringing smiles.  
Each jar comes with a small scoop.  Put a scoop of powder in the sink or another container and add a little water...wait 10 seconds and right before your eyes it multiples and creates "snow".  Here are Dylan's dinosaurs waiting for a giant blizzard to arrive in our kitchen sink. 

 Add some water...
And presto...instant snow!  He started digging his hands into it...but eventually his clothes came off and he was putting as much as his body into it as he could without getting too cold. I'm thinking if I put it in a big plastic tub, he may have been trying to take a bath in it.  The great thing about Insta-Snow is you can put it in a tight lid container and save it to use over and over again.