Mail Day!

On the whim of a 4 year old, we received a beautiful piece of art work with Din's name and his friend N's name.  It was put into an envelope by N's mom and mailed to us at home.  Din had awoken from his nap and we checked the mail box. Din was very excited to see a piece of mail with his name on it.  Din loved the picture N made for him with both their names on it.  It now hangs proudly on our refrigerator.  He quickly figured out that he would like to make N something and we got out our craft bin and away he went.  Drawing lines and cutting them out and making a card with their names on it.  He also glued on some squares and when I asked him what it was, he replied "It's called 'Mountain Desert'".  He then folded it up and stuck it in an envelope to mail to N.  This could definitely be the start of something good!