Back to school time

Back to school time doesn't happen here since Din is always learning and has school on certain days whether it's Summer or a holiday break.  For us, it means time to begin a new school year with some new ideas.  I love hearing about ideas that work for other homeschooling moms, teachers, mom friends.  Many of my school lessons stem from an idea we have already heard was successful.

One mom friend told me about how her son's preschool will have each child write their name every day on a piece of paper.  The teacher will then save each student's paper all year long and then give it to the parent to show how the child's hand writing has improved.  We started doing this and I now have a small collection of  papers with his name on them to save and review at a later date.

Another thing I am hoping to work on this year are lower case letters as well as a Letter of the Week program.  Din recognizes his letters, knows the sounds of most letters and can also write pretty much all of the capital letters.  Lowercase letters is one of goals for this upcoming school year.  I would also love to start a Letter book with him.  I haven't figured out exactly what will be in our Letter book but I'm working on the idea of it.  One letter for each page, print it, cut it out and paste it onto paper.   Then I'll probably have him find some things that begin with that letter  in some magazines, he can practice his scissors skills cutting it out and pasting it  in our letter book.